Sharper than Ever

Over the past couple of years I have developed my skill using Japanese whetstones to sharpen, polish and hone knives to an amazing degree. I am often asked about sharpening others' knives as many lack either the knowledge or the equipment to do so properly and achieve the best results.

From My Kit

I will be offering a knife sharpening service to anyone who is interested, professional chef or home cook. I have added a small blurb on the right-hand bar with a link to my e-mail if you (or anyone you know) is interested, please send me an e-mail and we can settle the logistics and the cost.

Get those knives back in the shape they deserve, your arms and your food will thank you.


TexasDeb said...

SOMEbody has to keep my knives sharp. I'll be in touch, thanks for offering to share your services.

Rachel said...

Wow! After you sharpened my knife yesterday, I went home and chopped up a ton of veggies. My knife was like brand new! It was beautifully polished and shiny and was as sharp as it was the day I took it out of the box 4 years ago.

Thanks so much, Chris!

Kevin said...

Chris, thanks a lot for sharpening those knives! They are in the best shape they've ever been, and everything I've chopped so far has felt like butter.

Domo arigato!