Local Motion

In my quest to find anything and everything culinary and local, I made a very interesting discovery. Texas Olive Oil. And not just any olives, my personal favorite Arbequina olives of Spanish fame. Produced north of Laredo in Carrizo Springs, this cold pressed extra virgin oil is not only Texan, but decidedly delicious. Comparing a Spanish Arbequina oil and the Texas version, the difference is really quite negligible. Both have a nice smooth flavor with a peppery finish. It's good to be Texan, very good.


TexasDeb said...

Did you buy this in a local store or did you get it online? Wondering where I too can get some of this amazing looking stuff.

ccwilson said...

I found this gem at my local HEB, believe it or not.

Flapjacks said...

it's things like this that make me excited about having more space in post-expansion wheatsville.