Divine Swine

There are a lot of ways to cook bacon, most of which result in burnt or soggy and otherwise unappetizing slabs of swine. Here is my favorite, and as far as I'm concerned, the only method.

Place metal racks on a sheet tray.
Spray the racks.
Arrange bacon on the racks, making sure to leave space between pieces.

Place the tray(s) in a cold oven.
Turn oven to 400 F.
Once oven preheats, check in on your bacon every two minutes or so. Careful, do not neglect your pork, as it can and will go from perfect to inedible quite quickly.

This method will get you crispy, perfectly cooked strips of bacon with no shrinking or curling every time. Plus you still get to save that precious bacon grease that drips down onto the sheet tray.

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